Sailing Away on a Sea of Lupines

 8×10 Pastel on Colourfix

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Renee Ortiz

About Renee Ortiz

Really?  You want to know more about me?  Come on over and I'll pour you some lemonade! Well, where to start?  Who am I?  First and foremost I am a daughter of the King, your sister in Christ.  Is that so cool?  My purpose on this earth is to glorify my God.  He has blessed me with a husband and three amazing kids.  He blessed me further by allowing me to be home with them and be a homeschooling mom.  With one off to college and the other two following shortly, I see myself at a crossroads of sorts, wondering what is next.  The possibilities are endless, but I keep coming back to my first love... art.  

Years and years and years ago (I'm afraid to count)  I studied at Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design.  Following my culture shock, *grin*  I continued my studies at Loyola Marymount University.  It has always been a back burner item to one day return to LMU and persue my Masters in Art Therapy.  Wow, me plus my three kids in college at the same time?  I'll let you know how/if this plays out.  That said, I recognize and appreciate the power in art to heal, to bring people closer to God, to give an acceptable outlet as we explore our feelings.  Making art, being creative, whatever it is we do in this realm, is a way for us to be God's image bearers on this earth.  He is the ultimate creater, and I can't help but find joy in the opportunities to explore and create as well.

As I tiptoe back into this art filled life, I invite you to come along with me.  I'm not sure what this journey will look like, but I'm hoping that I can share more of myself with you.  I would love to teach you some techniques in my workshop, to motivate you to include more art in your day, to help you play with color, to draw you closer to the ultimate artist as we appreciate together all of the gifts He gives.