SACRED GROUND, 36×24 acrylic abstract landscape

This is another painting in my geologic abstract series featuring warm, earth tones and metal foil accents.  The five metal foil squares in this piece do not show their reflective quality in this photograph.  Viewed in person, the light bounces off the metals as you walk by the painting.

Please see my blog for multiple views and a discussion of this painting.  Visit my website to view more of my work.

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Carol Nelson

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I am an artist living in Colorado.  My paintings are oils, acrylics, and mixed media and vary in style from realism to abstraction.  All my work is characterized as having strong composition, rich colors and abundant textures and brushwork. 

My work can be found in three Colorado galleries and various collections in the US and abroad.  My workshop schedule and upcoming events are listed on my website,  Please stop by for a visit.