Royal Resident

This gentleman is a resident of Port Royal, once known as the wickedest city in the world,

with Pirate, Henry Morgan and his crue.

Now Port Royal is a quite fishing village with friendly people such as this resident.

(Collection- Private)

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Ewan McAnuff

About Ewan McAnuff

McAnuff sees himself as an impressionistic artist, uses oil on canvas as his medium and utilizes a wide range of subtle colours to create in his paintings a soft, sensitive quality. His paintings are a synthesis of portraits, landscapes and street scenes and, although subtle, often

Carry a hint of social commentary. His works can be found

In private collections locally and abroad.


Since 1985, McAnuff has participated in a number of group exhibitions, including two solo exhibitions, and prestigious auctions.


A keen observer of his surroundings, Ewan McAnuff receives inspiration

From the beauty of Jamaica’s people; it’s landscape; it architecture.     His philosophy leaves no room for complacence.

Through his paintings, he intends to continue to bring vital features

Of Jamaican life, as he sees it, to the attention of his fellow Jamaicans

And the world at large.