rough painting

Ok, nobody laugh!  At the opening of my show about a month ago (30 of the most wonderful portrait & figurative paintings ..LOL) a couple came in, I greeted them, and in about 5 seconds they were about to leave, when one of them said, "No cactus paintings."  I thought to myself, just what Arizona needs is one more @#*%$^ cactus painting.  I told them no, sorry.  (You can't believe the awful cactus paintings that you see in the tourist shops).  

Anyway, I wondered out onto the desert, which is just outside my door, to see if I could get inspired to paint a cactus, and this is what I ended up with.  But it did give me some ideas.  So here i my question, what do you think and what is your suggestion.  i have some ideas of my own, but want to hear from the group.


Thanks,  Bruce

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