robin and albreth

48x 36 oil on canvas

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About Tom

Not sure really what would be interesting, I am a commercial photographer as a trade also Fine art photography ( ) and i paint for myself. Started as a young guy drawing from National geographic the faces and animals, using pencil and ink then water color straight. really enjoyed it but late teens got distracted by girls, cars and money then settled into a life as a photographer got injured playing basketball had to have surgery to correct my back so at this point I used drawing as a way of occupying myself during rehab. It is interesting that my approach was the same but the final result was completely different. The images were no longer reproductions of what I saw but what I thought instead. I really enjoying adding pieces of humor and changing the juxtapositions of the components which kind of creates a bit of a surreal nature to the final image. I really just paint for myself in the evenings in fact my wife and I have created a nice way of living where she will read I'll paint and the dogs slumber on the floors at our feet. I'll sell when I'm offered enough money but am really reluctant to give them up.

  The concepts really evolve over long periods of time, I'll have an idea sketch it, pin it to the board then re-sketch when something inspires additional support for the image. The paintings are large and take me months to do so having ideas backed up and evolving is very natural part of the process. There is really no urgency to make it happen immediately so the ideas ferment for long periods, years even.

    Thanks for listening!