Rimonim or Pomegranates

Rimonim or Pomegranates are one of the Seven Species of produce mentioned in the Bible and associated with the land of Israel. They are prominent and vibrant additions to Jewish Festival celebrations. The myriad of jewel like, ruby red seeds inside are both tasty and healthy.

These artist renditions of Rimonim/Pomegranates are acrylic on canvas. These paintings are available for purchase at Studio Rimonim    www.studiorimonim.com


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Lynda Leah Laker

About Lynda Leah Laker

Leah Laker is a Modiin artist, a painter of Israel in landscapes,flowers,culture and history. Lynda  Leah Laker lived and worked in Toronto, Canada before making aliyah to Israel in 2007. She learned her painting skills and personal style as a member of The Willowdale Group of Artists and the Toronto Watercolor Society. Following her move to Modi'in, Israel, she became a member of the Modi'in artists' group and enjoys participating in the Studio Tours, exhibitions and artist fairs in Modiin. Leah loves vibrant colors and creates home and office decor paintings which will help you express your personality, experiences and feelings. Studio Rimonim has a Facebook page where you can easily view and purchase the paintings you like and a blog http://www.studiorimonim.com/ which will take you behind the easel to enjoy the creative process.

I help you coordinate artworks, wall colors and furnishings to complement your business or personal style. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of color and helping people add decorating accents to enliven and harmonize interior spaces. Viewing my art is easy by going to the online gallery or by making an appointment to visit Studio Rimonim in Modiin.
I paint the landscapes,culture and history of Israel. I especially enjoy sharing the background information, historical facts and sites which inspire my paintings, through my blog at http://www.studiorimonim.com/
Living in Israel is a joy-with the almost endless days of sunshine, being outdoors and the intensity and vibrancy of the culture and people. There are challenges with living in a hostile neighborhood (but we're more than the daily news reports) and Israeli politics and hasbara are vital interests which I enjoy sharing with many different groups. For those who are interested in Israel, friends of the Jewish nation who enjoy travel, culture, food, wine. non fiction books and Israeli music I invite you to come along on my journey and become part of the Studio Rimonim community of enjoying and sharing the real living in Israel experience.