Rhythm & Blues

Contemporary mosaic guitar, made with; stained glass, smalti, glass rods, glass frit, beads and found objects

Measures:  H39in x W14in X D4in

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Patricia Franklin

About Patricia Franklin

I began to mosaic in 2003 with my father.  He was in cancer treatment and he was restless.  Mosaicing together helped us cope.  When he passed, it continued to help me deal with many bumps in the road.

The art of mosaics fascinates me.  I can take a ridge piece of glass or stone and make it seem fluid.  The glass, and my style, wanders.  Most of my techniques are experimental because I don’t want to bore you, or myself.  If you enjoy my work, you might take it home, which I will celebrate! - Or - You might admire it, which I will celebrate!

90% of what I do, I learned through trial and error (mistakes have been my best teacher).  I use gazillions of materials:  Mostly glass - stained, smalti, rods, beads, lamp work, millefiori, crystal, etc… I work in 3D, 2D and 2D++ (which means that some 2Ds are 3D wanabes).

I’m driven by COLOR.  Each piece takes on its own life, as I usually work without a cartoon (drawing).  Sometimes my hands feel disconnected as the artwork tells them what to do.  By the way, I often place a little secret something in my art, take a look - see what you discover.

It is for your enjoyment (and my happiness) that I do what I do…