Remote interior 1

Acrylic on canvas – Steven Felmore

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Steven Felmore

About Steven Felmore


Artist, Illustrator, Book Designer

Steven Felmore is a versatile, multi-disciplined illustrator who employs both traditional and digital media using Freehand, Painter and Photoshop and Cinema4D on the Macintosh to produce artworks of exceptional detail and quality. Apart from the challenge of architectural and technical work, he enjoys rendering with a humorous tongue-in-cheek approach. Over the past 20 years his illustrations have won a variety of awards including Clio, Loerie Technical, Spada and Black Eagle trophies.

Recent projects include: Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Travel Guide to Turkey, National Geographic's Africa Adventure Atlas, Smirnoff "Ice" campaign, The Known Gods TV series, The Avril Kinsey web site. 

On the Fine art side, Steven has only had a two public exhibitions due to his detailed and time-consuming approach. His paintings and drawings of "Remote Interiors" were praised by late art critic and historian, Sir Kenneth Clarke who was impressed to see "something original". The Cape Town critic, Eldred Green, wrote: "Steven definitely has something to say" and "More will be heard from Felmore". At present he is creating a series of Fynbos paintings which are more about portraying an eco system than mere realism. Further comments on his philosophy are available on Art Philosophy