remains of new orleans

remains of new orleans 30 x 30 oil 09 sold

from my katrina flood  series: the floating city of new orleans


The Floating City: New Orleans After the Flood
paintings about the world turned upside down and the longing for home

In 2006, I responded to Hurricane Katrina with a series of abstract "flood scapes",' After the Flood. Three years later, I revisit the ninth ward with The Floating City. The impossibility of painting the physical reality of the flood allowed me to focus on the emotional reality of an inexorably altered landscape. My primary goal is to convey the sense of devastation and loss as well as to offer hope for the city of New Orleans.

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Georgianne Fastaia was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1964. She graduated Magna *** Laude from San Francisco State University in 1988 with a degree in Creative Writing. Self-taught, she began painting in 2001. Her mother, an art teacher is her inspiration. She encouraged her children to follow their passion and to take art seriously.  Georgianne works out of The Art Explosion Studios in San Francisco and supports her latest creation, daughter Sophie, through her work. Her painting" Ballerina" was featured on pages 69-71 of the July 2009 ELLE DECOR. She is seeking representation ARTIST STATEMENT To make art with all the questions answered deprives the viewer of participating in the joy of discovery.  For me, painting is poetic and can only suggest emotion. The choices I make, between figuration and abstraction and what is implied and what is revealed, are designed to engage the viewer. My work is about transforming the “mistake”.  I re-use old canvases, actively damaging the surfaces in order to affirm a more authentic concept of beauty and to express an evocation of mystery. I strive for emotional honesty in my work and rely on an intuitive sense of color and an immediacy of gesture to achieve it.