Red Stairs

48" x 36" oil on canvas 2009

My younger brother, also an artist, didn't like this one. However, I was trying to illustrate this feeling I had about the scene, from a picture I took in NYC. He said the composition was incomplete and the colors scary. Well, isn't there anyone out there who wants to challenge the old school anymore and try something different? Is it always the artist's job to make only "pretty" pictures? Kind of a cliche and time worn question, but I think it's still valid.

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About bsilverman

I was born in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan and have eight other siblings. I started drawing and painting when I was 15. My mother was an artist and musician and my father was a high school English teacher. He was also involved in community drama. I am self taught mostly because I am stubborn.

I love to paint urban scenes because humans are interesting and complex in public spaces. We all like to believe we are isolated, but I have found that our most intimate thoughts are basically transparent, even in public. The contrast between our hard-edged buildings and our soft and fragile bodies is fascinating to me. I try to let each work tell it's own story.