Rais Palace or Bastion 23


This one of the greatest monuments of the city of Algiers, Its history gois back to the 16th century, in the Ottoman periode. It was contructed by the Dey Ramdane Pacha in 1576. Then it was extended by other Deys. This a view from the sea side. Today this Palace os a great museum.

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Hello All, My name is Souhila, which in Arabic means "little sun". I am from Algeria, and Algeria is situated in North Africa between Tunisia and Morocco, on the Mediterranean. I live in Algiers, the capital, a big city very crowded ! I graduated at the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences in 1996 as a State engineer then had my Masters Degree in the same discipline, specializing in Plant Pathology and breeding plants for disease resistance. Now I wotk as a researcher in forest health since 4 years ! this change in my work, from agriculture to forestery brought me  back to drawing because the forest with its nature, plants, insects, mushrroms ...etc. inspired me since I was a kid as we used to go with my parents to enjoy nature.  2014, was very inspiring to be and I started drawing again after a long stop that lasted for almost 20 years ! I ove drawing plants, flowers, birds, some old urban buildings and also Marabouts. I also like drawing sea landscapes and trees, but I stil lack the sens of details and I am often discouraged ! I like drawing with colored pencils. I tried La Gouache and Acrylics but failed so many times! tried to take some lessons on line via Youtube but... still not easy for me ! I never attended Art classes and wishe that one day I can afford it !  I am really happy to be among such talented artists, not only this, but your encouragements and advices are so precious to me !   Thank you to let me in your community and I hope to learn a lot from your drawings, paintings and critics !   Best regards to all.   Souhila