My version of the "Qalupalik".
Acrylic on 16" X 20" canvas.
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Qalupalik is an Inuit mythological creature. They are human-like creatures that live in the sea, with long hair with green skin and long finger nails.[1] The myth is that qalupaliks wear an amuatik (which is a form of pouch that Inuit parents wear to carry their children) so that they can take babies and children who disobey their parents away.[2] The story was used to prevent children from wandering off alone else the qalupalik would take the children in her amautik under water and keep them forever.
Qalupaliks are supposed to have a distinctive humming sound so they can be heard before they appear.

The myth was adapted as a 2010 stop motion animation short Qalupalik by Ame Papatsie, produced by the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and the National Film Board of Canada through its Nunavut Animation Lab. The film had its world premiere at the 2010Terres en vues/Land InSights festival.[3]

The Qalupalik is a very famous creature amongst the Inuit.

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