President Obama – Colorado State Commission, 20×24 inches.

Hi everyone – I have had lots of people ask me to include this one on this site!  So I will …

It is my commissioned official portrait of President Obama which hangs in the Denver State Capitol Building Rotunda Gallery of Presidents, as of May 2011. It was presented with military honors, was on schedule and very well received!   I won the commission after a nation-wide call for artists.

The portrait has joined the other 43 presidential portraits in the Gallery of Presidents which is located on the third floor of the State Capitol Building.

This was quite the journey – I certainly grew a lot from the entire process, which was far from just the painting. There were many additional aspects which I had never considered.


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I was apprenticed to an old German Master for 4.5 years - who tortured me and ripped up my "masterpieces" until I did them to his liking ... but he made sure that I "got over" myself!  I also had to clean his brushes along with my own; learn, learn and re-learn things I was convinced I knew, and pretty much lick his boots (so to speak!).  Painting is a wonderful passion, and I would do it even if I was not paid for it!  Fortunately I am.  How much better could life get?  Art is good. Life is good. 

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