Preaching Angel

Four weeks ago I was busy with the preparation schetch for this painting when I received the news that my daughtrer and her baby had been in a car accident. They both survived miraceously although my daugter lost the use of her legs. Since then I had to spent a lot of time at the hospital and rehabilitation centre with her and came to realise how many miracles are happening every day, unnoticed and unheard off.God is great.This painting will be close to my heart as a reminder off this day that God protected my daughter and grand daugter.

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Lenerd Louw

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I am residing in Krugersdorp, South Africa.Working as an Engineer on a deep level gold mine.I started painting late 2009. Am still searching where my preference lay.Have completed 37 paintings thus far. At present I enjoy attempting to paint people I have met into a setting where I feel someone might be able to spend an extra minute to ponder and see the message.