Potential Name: Rupunzl

This is a work in progress as all the highlights and light detailing is not completed.  But its getting there.  This is my first post here on this site.  Just wanted to see what the viewer response rate is and if people give critiques or not.  Hope you enjoy it.  Thanks


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Hi, I am a 26 year old student of life. Yeah, I've been to schools and college, but thats not important per say. I'm interested in what makes people happy, what evoke emotions, things that are real....the Truth. But off that...I'm a striving self-taught artist that just keeps getting deeper into it...started off with crayons, then a pencil, then a pen, then some charcoals, and currently in oils...and then some. I enjoy doing surreal stuff, but have been commissioned to do some house portraits. Ive also done some portraits and landscapes. But enough about that...checkout the work..see for yourself