Portrait of Teri

Oil 11×14

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John F. Grisoni

About John F. Grisoni

Born in Hoboken, NJ many, many years ago. I was always the school artist, and the good nuns wanted to send me to art school after graduating high school. However the Air Force got me instead. Spent several years in military including a year as a cadet at West Point. The math department decided that I would not graduate, so I took my GI Bill and graduated with a BS in Economics from St. Peter's College in Jersey City. But I'm still a big Army football fan. Spent several years on Wall Street but eventually retired from Xerox Corp. Retired now but doing some substitute teaching part time.

As it seems to follow with most retirees who had a youthful interest in art, I once again took up the brush in the autumn of my years. I'm a member of the reknowned Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood, NJ. I take some lessons then and now from John Phillip Osborne our instructor emeritus. The RAI also gives me a place to show my work. I like to get out an do some plein air painting now and then. I really would like to become an excellent landscape painter, but most people seem to like my portraits best.

I'm married to Teri since 1990. We have four children by previous marriages and three grandchildren.

John F. Grisoni