Portrait of María Félix


The other day when I was checking out some old magazines
I found several with María Félix on the cover .

I was impressed when I finished of reading her biography…

It impressed me the fact that in that time when
women didn´t have the liberty that we have now,
She invented liberty for herself, and became an actress,
and as an actress she became a leyend.
She was inspiration for writers, composers and painters…

And she still is….


( watercolor on paper   – 14.8 x  12.8 inches – )

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Lizette V.

About Lizette V.

Since I remember I´ve been attracted to

Visual Arts, that´s why I Studied Graphic Design at the University.

It was by a coincidence that someone asked me to

teach how to draw to little children, and it was like

that that I finished dedicating myself to Painting,

first with Watercolor technique, and more recently

with Oil technique.

My way to express myself is some times with

loose brush strokes, other times are more precise,

But always Brush Strokes….[:)]