Portrait of Kirk

Graphite  Drawing 19" x 24" on bristol plate smooth paper

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About Jim

Born in Louisville, KY.  As a young boy, he admired his mother's abilities and talent as a portrait artist in oil.  Too young to "mess around in oils", he would draw with pencils and crayons.  He would draw on just about anything, walls, furniture, and even pin-striped the neighbor's swing set without their permission.  Got grounded for that one.

In high school, he was introduced to acrylic paints in art class.  His love of airplanes and even a short period of flying lessons, led him to painting pictures of aircrafts, mostly from pictures taken at the local airport and air shows.

After high school, he served 4 years in the U.S. Air Force.  While in the military, he was commissioned to paint murals of squadron logos at K.I. Sawyer A.F.B. in Michigan, George A.F.B. in Southern California, and Udorn Royal Thai A.F.B. in Thailand.  He also enjoyed drawing charicatures of his buddies for their entertainment as well as his, usually after quite a few beers.

After getting married in 1981, he returned to school where he earned a degree in computer science and began a career in Information Technology.  It was at this time he discontinued drawing except for an occassional piece about once a year, including portraits of his son, Kirk, and his daughter, Jordan.

Now divorced and living in Fort Wayne, IN, he as returned to his real passion, drawing.  He states his biggest source of inspiration comes from within but credits Armin Mersmann's works, for pushing him to the next level.