Portrait of Jammie

Portrait of a model in charcoal

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About Mariandrea

Hi. Mi name is Mariandrea, I came to the USA eight years ago from Argentina. I do not have any artistic background, I did not go to any art school or university, until two years ago I was a full time house wife and mother of three boys, lerning English by myself at home and going to the library, my favorite place. My father used to draw for me in my notebooks, I thought I could not draw anything so I just doodle and dream about it. I decided to take an eight week basic drawing class in the community college where I live and after that I never stop drawing, my teacher in that course invited me to try oil painting in her studio and since then I go once a week to paint, read and clean brushes with her, now my friend. This website and the American Artist magazines give me lots of tools and inspiration to follow my artistic dream. For that I am grateful to this online comunity.