Portrait of Harry, WWII 1943

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36, painted off a black and white photo of my father, taken in the jungles of New Guinea during World War II. Dad was a US Army baker – making bread in the scene painted.

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Myron Sahlberg

About Myron Sahlberg

Myron Sahlberg teaches drawing, painting, illustration and editorial design at the Alexandria Technical College in the Communication Art and Design department. He is an instructor with John Howard Sanden’s Portrait Clubs of America. These classes are taught at Alex Tech for all interested artists. He is responsible for selecting and hanging the growing collection of more than 600 prints with an art history theme throughout the public halls at the college.


From his home studio he has illustrated for editorial, advertising, book cover and greeting card markets as well as university sports programs. He currently specializes in commissioned oil portraits.