Portrait of Bryce and Taylor in Acrylic

Tried to make the Atelier Acrylics behave like the oils used in a previous workshop… Did not work… had to layer.  Started out with a Naples yellow underpainting… followed by "grise" done in Burnt Sienna and Brown Black.  Overpainted with flesh tones made from various combinations of Red, Permanent Alizarin, Yellow, Sap Green and white…  Used tinting white instead of Titanium and ran into problems with highlights, but not overstated.  5hrs painting.  Original drawing from photo took 2 hrs… used method suggested by Aristides.

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Born in '48 and was a child of the 60's.  Played rock guitar to put myself through college.  Industrial and research chemist for 30 years.  Semi retired in 2003 and took art lessons for 3 years.  Went on 2 year hiatus to teach chemistry lab at UWF and have gotten back into it this year.  I switched to classical guitar back in 1972 and am an active player with the local jazz society and do about 4-6 shows a month.  Still make money with chemistry and music but am still trying to make back cost of art lessons and supplies doing art projects...