Poppies – dark weather

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About marcel51

I live in the Netherlands, a flat, green, overpopulated country in Europe, land of tulips, wooden shoes and windmills and great old masters. Painting brings peace in my head and life, forcing me to look at things, look at details, think of how to express the beauty of nature, the why of the details, depth and experience your own capacity to create, on itself also a nice detail to discover. I really enjoy the process of deeper insights while creating and there is no better therapy than to think and, at the same time, translate your thoughts with paint. I like what I can make, it enhances my self esteem.

Now I'm at a point where I could use more insight in the techniques I need to develop to bring myself to the next wished level (my favorite painter is Dali, final level ....... I think I can do it:-).

Enough of me, Groetjes, Marcel