Pony Express

This is only about 8×10. Originally started as a study in working light into your painting.  I played around some and discretely added the horse and rider among the trees swiftly racing to meet his assigned destination avoiding detection from those that would halt his progress.   Watercolor with Daniel Smith colors on Arches 140 cold press paper.   

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Kay Lodahl

About Kay Lodahl

Started painting about one and a half years ago.  Didn't have any clue I could do it and I have loved watercolor art all my life.  There is so much to know about this wonderful art media.... I am just overwhelmed at times.  Seems like I don't have enough time to learn it all so I have become obsessed with learning all I can.  I believe the biggest plus to my learning curve is to just paint.  There is a lot of value in experience alone.  

I hope you enjoy my "attempts".  I love comments and compliments and critique.  Thank you very much.