(plein air study) Pastel 10×14 SEASONAL CONTRAST

This is the on location pastel study I did at the start of the new year for the studio work which follows.  I've not expanded my crop of pastels yet but it might happen.  I have found them to be very forgiving and wonderful to work with over the past three years of study.  While most of my work is based on landscapes I have found them wonderful in working in still life and portraiture.  While I am drawn to the Hudson River School I also alow myself the freedom of surrealism and the use of metaphores which at times gives me the liberty to include a little humor.  I will begin to share those in the future.  For now, enjoy and comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

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Born in New Jersey but grew up in NE, Nebraska on the Winnebago Indian Reservation.  MFA in Art Education, Rhode Island School of Design '92.  Currently in my 30th year as a High School Art Teacher. I'm a fith Generation descendent of Asher B. Durand of the Hudson River School.  Primarily an acrylic landscape painter, I have been working in pastels for the past two years as a tool mostly for plein air painting.