Plein air painting of a state historic park, oils 14" x 11"

I did this plein air painting of The Citrus State Park, overlooking a huge number of citrus trees, but I also wanted to capture the snow covered mountain tops and the majestic palms. I did the composition to draw the viewer's eyes through the painting, with verticals and horizontal lines throughout the painting. I omitted out sections connecting the wooden posts in the front to avoid making a barrier for the view. It came together quickly somehow, but my most favorite parts of the painting are the palm trees, which rise above the other plants and connect the foreground to the background. The colors also bring together some of the greens and the foreground earth tones. I enjoyed doing this painting, which brings together some of the most stunning views this area has in winter and spring. This painting is on view in Ensenada, Mexico till the end of August 2012 as part of the Riverside, CA / Ensenada Sister city exhibit.

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I love to paint in watercolor and in oils. My favorite subjects are nature and architecture. Often I paint en plein air, but I also love to do studio paintings.