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Looking for critiques and I am new to this forum.  I am an abstract painter and frequently use metals, foil to copper pipe and steel plate in my work.  all metals are hand oxidized by non-toxic/non-caustic methods I developed.  This painting is on masonite, 24"x26", I used metallic paint working wet into wet. The broken hues are oxidation of the metals in the paint –  the paint surface is stabalized once the piece is "bone dry" and varnished. 



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About Heidi Clark

Heidi Clark began painting in high school and did commissions for several years. Her artistic expression went on hold several years later, when she became a deputy sheriff for Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  She spent the final 11 years of police service as a bomb technician and arson investigator. She retired after 28 years of service and moved to Maryland’s Eastern Shore to resume her painting.


“Beauty in Flight”

 2007- private collection

Heidi set up her studio and returned to her love of painting.  She enjoys working in oil, acrylics, and mixed media.  Heidi’s inspiration comes from the earth.  Many of her paintings reflect her vision of early earth; imagining the earth as it was millions of years ago.  She frequently incorporates her love of all metals into her art, such as, copper, aluminum, steel, and metal paints.   She firmly believes in exploring new ideas and concepts.  She applies the principal of dominance and contrast in her art to create paintings that challenge the viewer and draw them in.