Pixel Man original oil figurative painting

30" X 45" oil on canvas, Pixel Man is a colorful, action-filled piece from my award-winning series, Overview, that was featured on CNN. It depicts an overhead view of an old man walking on Rue Cherche Midi in Paris, rendered in my signature style, "Pixel Impressionism". Go to WarrenKeating.com for more info. It is on 1 3/8" thick, museum wrap, stretched canvas with the sides painted white.

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Warren Keating

About Warren Keating

Somewhere on a bridge at The Getty Center or on a hotel balcony in Paris, you'll find Warren Keating with his video camera, capturing footage of unsuspecting figures walking below. Later, In a studio in Encino, you can find him pouring through frame after frame of video footage to digitize a still frame that shows the perfect moment of weight shift, swing of the arm or tilt of the head that tells volumes about each subject, which he feverishly paints, covering large canvases with thick swashes of paint depicting an overhead view of a person in transit.

     As a child Keating suffered from a disease that left Keating unable to walk for several years. Now, he has become obsessed with walking as evident in his newest painting series. A native of New Orleans and graduate of Otis Parsons, his work now reflects the culmination of 25 years of painting both the figure and the landscape. His first solo show at the Desmond Gallery in Los Angeles in 1995 was followed by numerous solo shows of his paintings in the U.S. and Mexico, including a special exhibit sponsored by the governor. Now, his work is sold directly to a variety of collectors in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

     Keating’s latest series, Overview, which combines video and paint, was selected as an LA Times Calendar pick and won awards at juried exhibits at Long Beach Arts and recently at the Visual Arts Society of Texas, Dallas. An interview with Keating about this series was featured on CNN. The paintings are currently available at Orlando Gallery in Tarzana, and JoAnne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach.