Pink House on Caroline (Again)

Thank you to all who commented on the first version of this, especially Raul, I noted your suggestions and it helped so much. I made some major changes which I wouldn't have if I hadn't gotten all those great comments. I must say I think my favorite part of this one is now the house that sits "down the street" because it is the looseness that I've been trying for. Please let me know your thoughts on this one and if it works better.  Oil on canvas 12 x 16.

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I was born in New Jersey, my family moved to California when I was young and now I am living the country life in Spotsylvania, Virginia with my own family.  I paint in an impressionistic style and the subject of my work is always light and the mood associated with it.  I use photographs, sketches and memory to capture the light and shadows and the essence of a particular place.   With a supportive husband and two children who love to paint along with me, I have the wonderful opportunity to pursue what I love to do.  I appreciate all feedback on this site,  I think that is the best way to keep learning and improving.

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