Pink Cup

Soft pastels on 11 x 14 Pastelbord

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About Christine

I am a part-time pastel artist in colorful Colorado.  I would love to give up my day job to be a full-time artist, but it's not in the cards at the moment.  I do not have a formal art education, but I have taken pastel and colored pencil classes, along with reading instructional books and actively participating on, a website for and by artists of all skill levels and education.  I recently had a piece accepted for a calendar page at  Very excited about that!!!  I keep working at building a sufficient portfolio that will allow me to enter competitions and/or shows.  But it's a slow process sometimes.  Life keeps getting in the way!  I live in Idaho Springs, Colorado, with my other half, Bruce, and our cat....Kat.  (Bruce named her, not me!)  lol  I hope you will enjoy my work here.