Pedazos de Vidrio (Broken Glass)

'Pedazos de Vidrio' is an acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas, which measures 48"h x 48"w x 1.5"d. This piece was created using brush and palette knives.

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Yakime Akela Brown

About Yakime Akela Brown

Yakime Akelá Brown was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  Growing up in a multicultural community, he was exposed to art and its many facets of expression.  At an early age his mother endeavored to instill in he and his siblings diversity of culture and an appreciation of the arts.  “Every weekend she would take us to museums and art galleries. It was a part of our upbringing,” says Yakime.   

As a youth Yakime was fond of drawing and, as he grew older, would experiment with spray paints, charcoals, pastels, inks and acrylic paints.  Family and friends often noted that Yakime had talent, but it was not until he reached his late 30’s that he decided to capitalize on his love of art and share his talent on a professional level.  

Yakime has used art as his personal therapy.  In speaking about the impact that art has had on his life Yakime says, “Painting has such a cathartic effect on me. Whatever happiness, stress, frustration, disappointment, or any other emotion I may be feeling at the time or that may be weighing on my mind, I re-direct that energy to the canvas.”   

Yakime, who has had no formal art training, has been painting professionally for about three years. In the summer of 2009 one of his early works, a 48” x 60” acrylic on canvas entitled ‘Untitled III,’ received honorable mention in an event judged by late Delaware artist Edward L. Loper, Sr., whose body of work has garnered regional and worldwide acclaim. This recognition was the impetus that gave Yakime the confidence to further pursue other avenues with which to have his paintings introduced to a wider audience. Yakime subsequently had the first solo exhibition of his works in May of 2010 at The Artist Haven Gallery in Delaware City, Delaware. Since then, Yakime has exhibited his paintings at a number of high profile galleries and events, and he has been quite busy promoting his work from Delaware to New York and beyond. His work has been acquired by a number of private collectors, law firms and secular institutions.   

Within the last two years, Yakime has donated a number of paintings that have raised thousands of dollars towards AIDS/HIV and Cancer research and awareness programs in the state of Delaware.  Yakime provides mentoring and professional coaching to at risk youth and aspiring young professionals. He monthly volunteers time towards community service.     

Yakime’s paintings embody his New York City upbringing; full of vibrancy, persistent motion and diversity.  His style can be described as abstract and occasionally representational, colorful, eclectic, moody, and textural.  An art blogger/critic who attended one of Yakime’s showings described his work as “a profusion of color and strong brush & palette strokes.” She further wrote, “More than once I sneaked over to touch a piece, so I could feel the energy he created.”   

Yakime is quite fond of acrylics because of the medium’s almost endless range of application and prefers to work with larger canvases that, in his words, “enable me to release my creative energies.” He is constantly experimenting with new techniques and approaches and absolutely refuses to be   restricted to one style or image, preferring instead to be known for his wide range of enduring works that speak to a broad spectrum of tastes and perspectives.

The following is a brief YouTube video highlighting some of Yakime's work: