Pears – colored pencil

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Jennifer D. Beale

About Jennifer D. Beale

I grew up on a farm in a small Michigan village named Sumnerville. The creek that ran next to our house was my year ‘round playground. No one had locks on their doors in those days and I was free to roam the farm with my dog, Heyboy. Heyboy and I had great adventures and I attribute my love of nature, animals, and art to those adventures.

I am self-taught without benefit of formal training. I began drawing at the age of four when my twin sister was drawing one day. I was amazed. She told me I could draw too, so I tried. I could. I believe this talent is a gift from God and the pleasure of those who
acquire my works are my gifts as well. I am still learning, however, as all artists do, I imagine. Great joy comes with seeing a completed piece. To call myself ‘an Artist’ is such a satisfying concept, and one I never expected. I truly am blessed.