Oil on canvas with kitchen light.

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I am new to the art world. I first enjoyed art, (oils), when I was 13 and my English teacher had our class doing art portriats. Wow! it opened a whole new world for me. I have always been arts and crafty, but never thought I had any talent, but craved to create. Well I went through life raising kids and horses but not really drawing or thinking I had the talent to draw or paint. So I took some college classes after my kids grew up and left the nest. I took all the begining classes and have craved, oils, watercolour, ink, colored pencils, scupturing and pottery. I tried pastels but we just didn't get along. So now I have been reading "My American Artist" for several years and longing for every issue so I can get my art fix. I am very excited for this new site, I love looking at every person's talent :)