"Pear Tree"

11 x 14, acrylic on canvas

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Gary L Price

About Gary L Price

Gary has been drawing since the age of four. His inspiration started with the"Sears" catalog. From there his inspiration came from Sony and Cher, Diana Ross, etc. His mentor was a neighbor, Joan, from across the street. She encouraged me to continue to pursue art. She gave me my first drawing handbook. His parents also supported his endevours with art.

He was able to take art classes in high school. He is grateful for that. It was a release of the stress he encountered by having to take gym classes every day. He questioned, "What is up with dodge ball every Friday?"

Gary's major in college was elementary education. However, towards the end of pursuing that, he found that he had lost his desire for that. He found a job in retail and eventually became successful. He has held various positions, mainly in men's specialty stores. He received a BA in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. while pursuing that, he was able to take fashion illustration classes. It was his rediscovering his artistic passion again.

Gary made it to Columbia College to receive his second BA, with concentration in Fine Art. He did not feel he had enough studio courses, so he took art classes at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. While at NEIU, he also took a few art history classes.

Since being at Columbia, Gary has been active in the art community of Chicago. He has belonged to a few art groups. He has had solo art exhibits and group art exhibits throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Gary recently moved to Frankfort, IL, and has started to network with artists in the southweat suburbs. Although he is still in retail, he finds time to create new works. Many of his works are autobiographical. His other works include, nudes, still lifes, and things from nature.

Gary's dream is to quit his day job, eventually. If he has to work for a living, let it be related to art. He feels art is not work.