Peaceful Reflections

oil on linen , 75x55cm, a beautiful scene in Venice

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Michael Schuh

About Michael Schuh

I was born and raised in the U.S. state of Illinois, where I discovered my artistic talent at an early age.  From the moment I picked up my first brush at the age of 7, I became captivated with the unique blending qualities of oils.  I studied art with a passion, graduating in 1976 from Indiana State University with a major in Fine Art. 

There was never any doubt in my mind that I would one day become a professional fine artist, however, after graduation, I pursued other career opportunities which kept me on the move to various cities across the country (e.g., Boston, Phoenix and Los Angeles).  In 1983, I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark where I currently reside.

It was not until 2001, that I finally felt the time was right to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a professional fine artist.  I set up my studio in Copenhagen and began painting feverishly in oils. Over the past few years, I have had many, very successful gallery and corporate art club exhibitions.

Reflections and the play of light and shadows are a re-occurring theme in my paintings.  This is quite evident in my work, whether I’m painting the reflections in water, glass, a shiny car or capturing the drama created as the sun exposes the luminosity of a flower blossom.  It is the abstract patterns found in a realistic image that truly fascinates me and inspires me to get up every morning and paint.

The Photorealist movement which began in New York City in the mid-60’s strongly influences my realistic paintings.  I am particularly inspired by artists Richard Estes, Tom Blackwell and Ralph Goings, who are among the 13 original Photorealist artists.  My work has been recognized with awards three times from International Artist magazine from 2006-2008.  My oil paintings can be found in private and corporate art collections throughout Europe and the U.S.

You can visit my website at  

In the U.S., I am represented by  Dennis Rae Fine Art in San Francisco