Passage In Time

Passage in Time – acrylic on panel 16" x 20"
We will all hang up our hats for the last time, some day. Grandfather left behind traces of his passage in time,  in his small fishing stage in Newfoundland . The items in this painting tell the story of his life. The hat was his favorite during the last years of his life. The kettle would have been used on an outing at the cabin . The buoy was from one of his traps . The matches would have been kept in a dry location. The cod jigger is the kind he used all his life. The snare was used to catch rabbits. The axe handle end is painted red so it would not get lost in the woods.

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 My interest in art began in high school where I took drawing classes for three years. I had visions of being a marine architect, but my career path took me into a skilled trade, in the oil refining business . Painting is a hobby for me and I have taken a great interest in the creativity aspect of it . I enjoy the process from the beginning to the end. I build my own painting supports and I paint on hardboard panel most of the time. In late years I have been painting on canvas or muslin over panel . Each painting is a whole new learning experience and it’s the process of the creation of these paintings, that keeps my interest. I decided a long time ago that I would not paint for a certain market or try be current in painting style trends.I do my own thing and time will be the best critic.I will leave the sale of my work to others because its not something I want to focus on.

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