Paradise Crystal 3.0

I've worked quite a lot on this one over the past week or so, and I think that it is improved a lot, but I'm short of ideas now. The woman is drawn from two different reference photos, with the dress and hair made up by me. Her and the animals are drawn to scale to each other and how far they would appear from the viewer. Personally I think it is pretty good now, but needs something for a little "wow!" factor. I would appreciate any ideas or even just the imppression you get when you look at it. I started with pencil, then water color, color pencil, and digital.

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I grew up on the prairie cap rock of the Texas panhandle , and started to read on my own from the Encyclopedia Britannica before I started school. My parents had little education but probably never said no to any book salesman or book club. In the sixth grade I was reading at the grade level of 13.5 at three times the average adult speed with comprehension in the top percentile. When our daughter was four I noticed that on her own she was drawing a wicker chair. I had done some drawing as a teenager but there wasn't much I could show her, so I started doing research through the inter-library loan system and borrowed books from private and public libraries across the U.S. With this I added a little of my own ideas such as the little amount of spherical trigonometry I picked up to get a handle on perspective. So here I am, and at 51 I still have never physically been in an art class or art museum.