" Ozark Sunset "

Acrylic canvas panel 16×20; my attempt at painting " the light " as Kinkade would have done.

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Jeffrey Sloan

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For many years, the art I created was with the use of graphite, charcoal, conte, and color pencils. I did a small amount of oil and watercolors but at the time, I loved drawing and sketching, and through the years I have been able to develop some sense of tones values and perspective. All important lessons to learn in order to create. I am self taught; inspired by books, magazines, museums and just the overall passion to be creative. I never seriously started painting with acrylics until a little over a year ago and I set a personal goal to do fifty paintings in a year. Needless to say I missed the goal by fifteen, but I am about to embark on number forty one, so I am getting close. I hope to find a lot of friends here because your work inspires me.