oops our local bat..sorry

this is a photo of a bat who decided to visit us…sorry for the post  i moved to quick. I went back in to change the  info. I wished I could have deleted this but we can't once it is uploaded.  sighSad

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Patricia A Walker

About Patricia A Walker


About the Artist Patricia A Walker

Medium:Watercolor Artist. Style: is Abstract

Web site: http://www.FineArtsStudioOnline.com/PatriciaAWalker

web site: PatriciaAWalker.com


My first visual stimulation was that of hands and faces. My first tactile stimulation was my parents' soft touch. You see, my parents and many family members were profoundly deaf. Our family language was American Sign Language.

My parents instilled a sense of creativity in my older brother and me. There wasn't a thing he could not fix, build, or create. Throughout his growing years he built many interesting toys for the two of us. I grew up watching, wondering, and designing; fascinated by color and movement, and always thinking out of the box. My journey into the world of art was therefore easy and natural.

I took art classes in high school and dreamed of continuing my studies in college. Life and choices, however, took me down the path of having a family. But all was not lost. I became a sign language interpreter at a local community college. What were my favorite classes to interpret? Yes, art classes. Oh how I wanted to be the student rather than the interpreter. I watched color, studied movement, and saw how brushes reacted - or didn't.

Once my children were grown, I got my opportunity to dive into everything I'd always wanted to try. After work I'd come home and get lost in my art until late at night and throughout the weekends. My every spare dime was put into supplies. Ah, the feel of the pen, pencil, charcoal, brushes, and the fluidity of the paint.

I developed a love for watercolor and my material of choice is Plexiglas. Recently, however, I've begun painting on Yupo which allows me to manipuate color and lets the paint flow in much the same manner. As with every artist, I've grown and developed. It didn't happen overnight. Some of my pieces I've kept, some I've changed, and some I've destroyed.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse of my work.