on a sunny evening a squirrel makes a mistake

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my name is george parkinson,i was born in glasgow scotland.i have been tortured by art all of my life the obsession to create has,at times driven me to the edge of sanity.even now at an advanced age i still struggle to fulfill my artistic desires.for a long time i thought i needed formal art training,but i now see that that turns out mediocrity and banality,i would use stronger language but most people would call it swearing.being self taught i have not been influenced by any tutor,only by the greats,renoir,degas,hanks,bateman,etc,etc .there are no rules in art,but to create rubbish is not art,it,s rubbish.academic training ,beauty. dreams,these are the things that start to make art.too many young people today have not served their time ,or had enough life experience to create art thinking that to make a mark on paper or canvas is art,this is only a modern delusion.