Ole Lightning

I found this old tree outside of some broken down river huts.  It had been hit by lightning somewhere in the past but survived it.  The contrast between the beautiful growth attached to it and its own texture was to much to pass up for me.  This is done in watercolor and some ink detail on watercolor paper, approx 8 X 10, along the Missouri River.

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I am a full time artist and I am dealing with Colorectal Cancer.  My faith in God and my art have kept me on the planet since December of 2007.  All my priorities were set in perfect arrangement the day of diagnosis.  Funny how that happens.  Anyway , I love blogging with fellow survivors and artists.  I have a blog called.... www.JournalingThruCancer.blogspot.com   Please visit me and become a follower because your imput to all is such a wonderful gift.