Old Woman III

Old Woman III – oil on canvas, 40X50

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Paulo Frade

About Paulo Frade

My Web Page: http://www.paulofrade.com The Realism galeriapaulofrade@gmail.com Paulo Frade drank out of the old renascence and baroque masters’ fountain. He sorted his ideas, proposals and styles and projected them with his surprising and precise technique transferring his influence to our everyday reality. The result is this exhibition with more than 20 art pieces expressing the nuances of the subtle light and shadows and textures that respect the identity of the models and environment. Would the masters approve? Paulo’s intention is not to transfer the character, the characteristics and style of any of the masters into this exhibition but to dare to be like them inside his own time and language. It frees him from submitting himself to comparisons, affirming his own identity and putting him as a reference to the contemporary realism, with an autonomy which respects and honors his masters. We hope you approve the rapture of this artist who desires to be complete in his technique and creativity and as Rembrandt, Rubens, Caravaggio, Ribera and a few others from the same Olympus, you feel sincerely honored. Marcos M Sá – Communication and Composition Consultant About Paulo Frade is a “paulistano” (from the city of Sao Paulo) artist that depicts the classic revisiting the style of the old renascence and baroque masters. He values the contracts between light and shadow with a lot of power and plastic, highlighting the shapes and surfaces of objects and figures.“I try to transport the observer inside the canvas. I seek to capture the essence and spiritual state of people, as well as to depict the pictorial environment of the theme. I demand that my technique communicates the ambiance, scent and sensible aspects enclosed in a space. A complete flagrant of everything that may integrate an instant of emotion.”Frade started to draw really early. At the age of 5 he already depicted on paper what he saw on TV. Cartoons like Speed Racer, Spider-man and others. Playful exercises from his every day. At the age of 11, with the support of his mother, Paulo started to study drawing. His first classes were at Candido Portinari Art School, where he learned the basic techniques of Artistic and Advertising Drawing. Only a year later, the young artist would get to know the man who would teach him everything about the art of painting: master Pedro Alzaga. Pedro taught him several techniques on painting and material preparation as well as the correct visualization of shapes and space. He always emphasized the importance of the basic rules such as the effect of light in objects or figures. After studying for almost 10 years with master Alzaga, around 1991, Paulo was invited to teach classes in Alzaga’s renowned school. At this time, Paulo was part of several exhibitions, obtaining an excellent reputation. Currently, Paulo Frade works as the “painting artist” and an instructor, teaching drawing and painting classes in his atelier and in Art Schools.