Old Prairie Chapel in Winter


Old Prairie Chapel in Winter – Oil on 9 x 12 Canvas Panel – Painted February 27, 2010 – This is the second painting of an abandoned very old western prairie chapel I've done. This time I decided to put a storm front behind it, but still create it in mostly warm tones. In addition I wanted to show the sunlight on the structure and the shadows it dictates. Your comments are welcome.View all my paintings at




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Russell BakerSacramento, Northern California, United StatesAs a student in northern Minnesota I enjoyed being an artist. My uncle Charles: C. X. Carlson, a noted author, artist and muralist was a great influence me. I sketched and painted everyday until age sixteen or so, then it seemed as though life took over. Now, 40+ years later and retired, I have returned to the more pleasurable pastimes of my youth. This year, 2007, I started drawing, painting and playing music once again. It will be interesting to see where these endeavors guide me and how my skills in turn develop over time. Everything I offer here is an original. Some may be renditions of other works I find interesting, however originals just the same. If you see something you would like to purchase, email me.