Acrylic on canvas board

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Donna Blackhall

About Donna Blackhall

  When I was a child I had one of those 110mm cameras and decided I would write and photograph the next great American bird field guide but I had a lot of trouble getting close enough to anything other than the dead birds the cat brought me so I gave up my book dreams but kept my love of art and photography.  The 35mm replaced the 110mm and I learned a lot about photography from my mother.  I took art classes through school to help develop my eye for balance, color and design, and I later attended Brooks College of Graphic Design.  As a member of the Concord Art Association I won 2nd and a 3rd place in two different shows with my fine art paintings.    My main focus is now photography and am currently showing at The Artists Alley in San Francisco.  After a bit of a hiatus from painting I'm now back with it and am loving this site to stay inspired.   The current work I've been doing is what I call a minimalist modern style.  I want to capture the essence of a subject in a modern way with a few lines and vibrant color.