"No Regrets"

48" X 60" Mixed Media on Canvas

May 28, 2012 by

Cindy M. McClure


My life often times appears to be messy and complicated very much like this painting. However when you begin to understand the way I think, and look a little closer, you'll see more clearly that everything I do is for a purpose.


The details of this painting are symbolic to my life and life in general. You can look at the painting simplistically and divide it into the four seasons, literally, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Or, you can search for deeper meanings; the seasons of our lives, and find the symbolism associated with each element as it might relate to you.


Spring: Look for the cocoons, fetus, children, dogwood tree and blossoms, peacock, butterflies, hands of a new generation, and paisley.


The spring of life is our birth, our childhood, the surprise and wonder of the world around us. I chose the dogwood tree to represent my religious upbringing. Paisley, because the name originated in Scotland which has a personal meaning for me that only close friends will understand.  I love peacocks for many reasons, but the most important reason would be its symbolism of immortality, and for me the peacock is also a reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that you find what you look for.


Summer: Eyes of the peacock, Boredom, doodling, gingham, daisies, summer, graduation and adventure.


Yep, I doodled in school, and maybe for some of you the doodle section and "blank" or bored section should take up more space, but for me it was SUMMER TIME that I lived for!! Leaving home for college was adventurous and hard all wrapped up together, but who needed sleep anyway?? The parachute is how I felt about landing into the "fall" of my life, I sorta knew where I wanted to land but I drifted a bit before I got there and just hoped I wouldn't land in the trees or get too tangled up on the way.


Fall: Flying peacock, roses, a glance back (but only a glance), success, the fabric of our lives, travel, maturity, the setting sun.


Behind those beautiful eyes and half smile are the stories of happiness and many hardships that mature us. If you look back, make it just a glance as you continue forward. Smell as many roses as you can because time flies by quickly. Family is the fabric of my life and that fabric has ties that stretch across continents. Different personalities, religions and ethnicities are woven into the fabric so tightly that the bond is unbreakable.



Winter: Peacock, clock, ring, necklace, movie, hand (a transition from life to death).


Burying loved ones has a way of pulling you into rethinking your own mortality and priorities in life. I lovingly wear one of my Mothers rings that I inherited, and know that eventually my children and grandchildren will also own something from me (with the caveat that they have to give it back!!!). I will make sure that embedded in those treasures are memories of traditions and teachings that will be a constant reminder that they better choose the right, my point is that what you teach will hopefully be more valuable than what you leave.


They say that your life flashes before you like a movie as you are dying, I want my movie to have a happy ending with "no regrets".


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I flunked 8th grade art class so figured art wasn't my cup of tea. Then later in life I was "forced" to take private oil painting lessons, which I did for less than a year, and loved it. I took a drastic u-turn and found myself smack dab in the middle of sculpting that catapulted me into a very long successful career. I also did illustrations for concept development teams through the years as well. I now find myself yearning to be back on canvas, so I've started painting again just to get a portfolio together and to find my niche. Other than those few months of private lessons years ago (landscapes only), I too am self taught. I paint what I feel, and read about different techniques for additional inspiration.