"No Border To The Blues"

"No Border To The Blues", 6"x4", Acrylics

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Scottie Whigham

About Scottie Whigham

Scottie Whigham was born in Hattiesburg, MS.  After High School Scottie went to Memphis, TN to attend Art college where he majored in Illustration.  Scottie began his career as a Graphic Designer, but eventually turned to art.  Scottie Whigham has several permanent collections owned by Museums and Businesses here in Mississippi such as The Choctaw Archeological Museum in Tupelo, MS and The Saenger here in Hattiesburg, MS.  Scottie’s style is realism and his favorite subjects are wildlife.  Scottie uses mediums such as acrylics and graphite pencil.  Scottie aspires to achieve absolute realism in his art and has a very keen eye for detail.