Nighttime Scene in Charcoal I

Very basic nighttime scene in charcoal

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Don't know how to make this different from the gazillions of other bios there must be here.  I'm self-taught, although I wouldn't mind taking more classes.  My mother drew and painted as well...I got my talent from her, I'm sure.  She could draw people that didn't even exist...that's where I want to get to.  I draw in pencil mostly, but I've dabbled with charcoal and pastels.  I want to get into painting more...I'm leaning towards acrylic. (Watercolor has been difficult for me and oils are a bit too pricey for me now. )  I also have an interest in Chinese brush painting(I do have sets for creating paintings, but I haven't done anything just yet.)...I enjoy a lot of different artists...Durer, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Kevin A. Williams, Simmie Knox , Archibald Motley and Ernie Barnes (His artwork was JJ's on Good Times.) ...Carvaggio, particularly Amor Vincit Omnia...I know there are more...I will have to add them as time permits.