New Year by Zhang Da Zhong 100 cm x 130 cm

New Year is the most important day in Chinese culture. Like Thanksgiving, in the U.S., it is a time for homecoming. Mao Zedong sent the Red Guards to the country to help the framers, saying that they were the future of China. When the Cultural Revolution ended, and all those Red Guards went home, the rest of the world had passed them by because, having given up everything, including eduction, they returned to no future at all.  Zhang, whose sister was one of those Red Guard girls pays tribute to them, in his series, as he shamefully observes them back in town, today, sweeping streets or pushing fruit carts.  In this painting, away from friends and family, in the middle of nowhere, questioning her life, the emotion is definitiely not one of a happy new year. 

Our coworker, Yu Lin, was the model for the painting, which was paintined on location, in the countryside, outside of Guangzhou, China.

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Leona Craig Art specializes in contemporary Chinese art, including oil paintings, modern watercolor paintings, Yixing zisha teapot art, and sculpture.  The gallery is located in Guangzhou, China, and we have established relationships with artists and the art community, in China.  Our founder, Craig Mattoli, has a background in investment and in art.  He has been involved in both businesses for several decades at various locations around the world.  He currently teaches finance and economics at a university, in China, in addition to running the gallery.  He also has been writing articles about art and investing for various publications around the world.

We specialize in the mid-range of prices because not only are there many talented artists in this group but also we have found that the high end of many markets for art and other investments often becomes too hyped.  Indeed, it is always the underdiscovered, overlooked parts of any market that offer the best opportunities for investment.  Our gallery is located in Guangzhou because there are many fine Chinese artists, in Guangzhou, and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts had early connections with the original school of contemporary Chinese oil painting, in Hangzhou.