Nelson Mandela

Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 60cm

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Julie Mayo

About Julie Mayo

I am deeply inspired by my travels around Africa: the vibrant colours, imagery and the chaotic atmosphere and warmth of the towns and the people who live in them. The vast horizons, intimidating skies and the oppressive heat.

Always fully aware of the transience, vulnerability and insignificance of humans and animals on our planet and in the context of our terrifyingly vast universe, I paint these subjects with sensitivity, only lightly touching the canvas. My subject is often painted small and set in the centre of a large canvas to emphasize this sense of fragility.

My work is primarily representative, but imbued with my own sensitivity to colour, emotion, mood and atmosphere.

Continuously learning from other artists, I am inspired by the light and ethereal quality of the paintings of Turner, the atmosphere and mystery of James Whistler, the quiet sense of space of Andrew Wyeth, and the colour and raw emotion of Vincent Van Gogh.