Nate with his Goat

6 x 8" watercolor pencil using brush, 140 lb cp watercolor paper. Reference photo by Berkenstock for the Jan. All Media Challenge.

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Enjoy watercolors and all other media, but trying to concentrate more on watercolors. Active in my church and with my 11 yr. old daughter who was adopted from China. Also enjoy reading and going on walks with my hubby. Though I taught art (briefly), among other art related ventures, I rarely had time to do my own art until the past few yrs.. When I started to paint again, I found that my work was not consistent (style or esp. quality - hit/miss too often), but practice is helping - where the forum comes in. I'm very excited about joining this forum and learning from everyone's great insight (your comments & critiques valued), as well as the challenge to keep the brushes wet!