Mystical Image

My painting theory is a good observation of the nature

and turning that Inspiration into the very  Positive place… the place i can never explain….

i need the help of some Music in there

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Chin H Shin

About Chin H Shin

Chin H. Shin has been painting for the last ten years as a professional artist. Before that period of time, he worked as a professional textile designer. His subject matter includes land & sea project, various seascapes, people and surrounding North Shore. His painting philosophy is an endless search of harmony, between line, color, texture and music. He insists his ultimate goal in his painting is to find an extremely positive side of human thought, while showing sadness of our life. He admires likes of Edward Hopper, Jackson Pollok, William De Kooning, Camille Corrot Etc.   Currently, Chin H. Shin is showing his artwork to worldwide collectors, art galleries and art museums.